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How To Make Handmade Jute Flowers

Anji Qingyun Jute Textile Mill | Updated: Aug 12, 2017

jute burlap flower is natural ,rustic.don't throw it away anymore,keep it and let's make below beautiful burlap flowers.

Step 1. prepared tools: scissors,burlap fabric,rubber tape,plastic pipe  



Step 2: prepared flowers 

    cut your burlap as flowers with many tooth,colors can change any colors like green,yellow..


Step 3 : bind all the pieces on plastic pipe. Dig a hole in the flower center,insert this plastic    pipe,stick with rubber tape then tighten it.



Step 4: Hold second piece and do the same step like step 3,pls noted that the second petal need  more soft,don't be tighter. 


Step 5: Finished last piece,we can cover with a printed plastic outside to be a good looking.



Now let's do it ourselves,keep our environment beauty,save the world,use my Jute/Burlap.

Anji qingyun jute textile mill always focused on jute/burlap new items development.Like new jute bags, new design burlap table runner, burlap table cloth...

blob.png we have over 100 sets of weaving machines,widest burlap we can make 132 inches.it was widely used in round burlap tablecloth.

blob.png  burlap weaving machines best machines in the world.

blob.png jute burlap fabric warehouse clear,dry and ventilated.

If u need any helps in jute/burlap ,pls contact us as below:

Contact person: bella

Tel:86 188 5720 3528



whatsapp:86 18857203528



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